Jim Pagel Live!

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Prost named top Wine Bar in Michigan by Buzzfeed!

On the search for the best "mom-drunk" wine bars around the Country, Buzzfeed reached out to Yelp to get their assistance on determining what wine bars are the best in each State. Check out the list below! http://www.buzzfeed.com/anniedaly/wine-time-all-the-time#.sim9kavYYg

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Our 1st Birthday

Guess what fellow winos?? It's our 1st Birthday!!!! And we are celebrating in style, Veuve Clicquot style that is. This Saturday we are going all out to ring in a year's worth of good food, great wine and the opportunity to meet so many amazing people that share a passion much like ours. We chose Veuve as our celebratory wine for many reasons. Here are a few: Philippe Clicquot founded his business in 1798 and to this day the winery has had only 10 cellar masters through the generations, and that is pretty much badass. Veuve's motto holds that there is "only ...

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Champagne Vs. Prosecco

 Champagne vs. Prosecco A recent craze in the vinous world is the rise of New World sparklers, including Prosecco, Cava and Cremant. What’s more, Champagne has taken a second place seat in both sales volume and value against these bubbles in the past few years. So, what is the difference? Read on friends… * * * So what’ll it be, Champagne or Prosecco? It may depend on the occasion, affordability or even the preference for something a bit sweeter than not. Weddings, holidays and mad tea parties are always a cause to pop a bottle of Dom, while Prosecco can be ...

Prost! To Tap Wine

Prost! to our first blog post!  It’s a new year, and with it comes the opportunity to discover new things. Here at Prost, we invite you to pull up a chair and experience wine like you never have before: Wine on tap. Behind our bar are six taps that deliver wine to glasses in the freshest sense—the way the winemakers intended. And what’s more are the ecological benefits that wine on tap offers. Here’s the gist of it all: Each one of our kegs contains approximately 26 bottles of wine, or 130 glasses. Once stored in a stainless steel or single time use keg, ...